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GREEN Program

Where Conservation Meets Adventure

The purpose of the GREEN Program is to generate ocean literate youth through the use of a cultural competency-based learning model which is designed to meet students where they are and provide space and opportunity for growth. ​This project leverages existing collaborative partnerships as a broadening participation strategy.

Creating and cultivating good marine and ocean stewards should start with our youth. This is so important considering what we know about our climate. The ocean is coming under increasing threats from overfishing, pollution, climate change, habitat destruction, and many other problems. We must act to protect and conserve the ocean before it’s too late. One way that we can help mitigate this problem is through education. In underserved schools, even fewer students receive an adequate ocean education because there is little money to offer elective ocean science classes, and to provide the necessary training and resources for their teachers.

​Core cross-sector collaborations need to occur to ensure the success of broadening underserved and historically underrepresented, in STEAM. Through strategic, cross-sector collaborations and partnerships with institutions of higher education, non-profit, science-based organizations, community-based organizations, e-learning partners, and dive industry partners, synergies of expertise and experience provide a robust perspective.