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About Us

Our History

The concept of Curious Minds Dive Foundation was dreamt up by two educators who shared a passion for diving and a desire to open the underwater world to students of all ages and backgrounds.

After extensive research, the founders realized that not enough was being done to combine most children's love of water with natural learning opportunities. The duo quickly built a team of fellow educators, scientists, environmentalists and the diving community and the foundation was born.

By harnessing the resources and expertise of professionals across the country, Curious Minds Dive Foundation introduces youth to activities that integrate Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) with SCUBA. The foundation also works to expand educational opportunities of all youth interested in STEAM activities and careers.

Our Mission

The mission of the Curious Minds Diving Foundation is to expose youth to a meaningful educational program that inspire and empower them to explore their STEAM identities by engaging in aquatic-based STEAM activities and become advocates for conservation.

Our Intent

The foundation's intention is to help youth create their future instead of looking for it. Instead of choosing from limited alternatives, youth will learn that creating their own path changes them as well as their destination. Our programs tap into the students' curious mind while challenging them to dream, creating deadlines and then pursuing these newly created goals. Our programs are not just about science; they are about finding, defining, and motivating the self—and preserving the planet along the way.