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STEAMpunk OceanSTEAMpunk Ocean


STEAMpunk Ocean is the educational segment of the Curious Minds Dive Foundation. We are an afterschool STEAM club that meets Wednesday nights during the school year.


Wednesday nights at 7PM Eastern time

About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water.  We believe this translates into an ocean full of opportunity available for young folks! Each session is designed to explore and inspire the love for ocean sciences. Most are targeted for ages 10 to 14, but many older and younger students (and even parents) enjoy them. Know someone else who might enjoy our program? Please feel free to share this information with them!

Why the unusual name?

STEAMpunks was inspired by the future tech fiction of Jules Verne and 20,000 leagues under the sea.  
STEAM because we are adding the arts back to STEM because we feel that Art inspires creativity and encourages us to think outside the box. Art can also inspire the heart. Laura Helmuth recently wrote in Scientific America "Clear, dramatic graphics have the power to change the world"
Punks because we are young and get a little salty when it comes to ecology.
Ocean because we want to inspire folks to care about our oceans.



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The Spring 2024 Schedule:

Jan 11 - Storytelling with Mike Tomson
Mike Tomson grew up in the remote Northern Pacific islands of Micronesia. south of Hawaii and east of the Philippines. Raised in an oral island tradition, he remembers stories not written, but rather carved in the wooden rafters and read in the firelight of meeting houses. Indigenous elders have guided his choices as he has traveled through the Western USA, Australia, Central America and many Pacific nations. Mike currently lives in Grass Valley, CA, and performs often with storytelling and cultural preservation groups.

Jan 18 – History of Diving Museum 
Join the History of Diving Museum Immerse yourself pressentation on Mangrove Biology with Dr. Heather A. Stewart as part of the opening of thier art exhibit "Edge of the Sea". Some of our STEAMpunks have provided art for this exhibit!

Jan 25 – Alligators and insects
All things scary and odd in the Everglades ecosystem with marine scientist and adventurer Matthew Minio *Subject to change

Mar 8 – STEAMpunk Island with Dr. Karen Neely 
Everyone participates in this role playing case study about saving the reef system surrounding STEAMpunk Island. 


Mar 22 - INTRO TO ROVs
Bring your imagination, your sketchpad and journal to the meeting. We are going to talk about ROVs, real and imaginary and how they are used in industry and science. 

How do things move? As we think about this we are going to explore creating a small automated fish model (Automata) . Supplies need for this session: Fish Automata by Timberkits. These can be ordered on our webstore. $10

In order for our ROVs to explore the ocean it will need to be able to sink and float. We will design our boat out of aluminum foil and then sink it with pennys. The last boat floating wins. Supplies needed: aluminum foil, pennys, and a container of water to float your boat in.

Our ROV will need some power. We are going to build a simple circuit, first using an online simulator. Then we are going to do a light up greeting cards! Supplies needs: Copper foil tape 1/4" wide, small 5mm LED lamps (Light emitting doide) CR2032 battery (you must provide). We can order a kit from us with everything except the battery for $5 or you can provide your own supplies and download the PDF cards at no charge. 

The day you have all been waiting for! We are going to build a simple ROV and test it in the bathtub. Our kit will provide a hanger, ping pong balls, toy boat motor, propeller, wire, and chop sticks. $15 or just the propeller and motor for $5 You will need to provide a small 6V battery and electical tape. 

** Supplies can be ordered from our web store, amazon or provide your own. You can mix and match or purchase the entire kit (without batteries) for $30 + shipping. 

*Subject to change

May 10 –  STEAMpunks tell their stories!
This is our chance to tell create and tell our own stories! 

The Fall 2023 Schedule:

While the sessions themselves are no charge, a few do require the purchase of supplies.


Sept 21 - I.Care
Up to 90% of the coral reef is dying in the Florida Keys. By transplanting coral back onto the reef I.Care is helping to restore the reef.

Sept 28 – History of Diving Museum
Join the History of Diving Museum curator Lynea Wilson as she zooms in from a replica of the William Beebe marine biology lab aboard the Arcturus.

Oct 5 – Ship to Shore with the EVNautilus
Visit with Nautilus ROV operators and scientists on zoom from their ship on the ocean while they study the great pacific garbage patch and the effect it is having on the sharks in the area.

Oct 12 – CSI Florida reef tract
Do you want to be a Crime Scene Investigator? Join Dr. Karen Neely into the investigation on why the reef tract is dying.

Oct 19 – Life in the Mangrove and art project
Mangroves play an important role in the ocean ecosystem. We will introduce the fall art project. In the Spring, we will partner with the History of Diving Museum mangrove exhibit.

Oct 26 – The Sargasso Sea
If you have ever been to the Atlantic coast in Florida or the Caribbean you may have encountered stinky Sargassum on the beach. What is it? Where does it come from, and why is it important?

Nov 2 - Alligators and insects  - all things scary and odd in the Everglades ecosystem with marine scientist and adventurer Matthew Minio

Nov 9 - Water quality with the RV Blue Heron
Joe Werne is a scientist studying the harmful algal blooms in the great lakes while traveling on the research vessel the Blue Heron. Come find out what he has learned and what its like to do science while on the water.

Nov 16 - Bioluminescence
You have probably seen lighting bugs, but did you know almost 3/4 of the organisms living in the ocean are capable of glowing?

Nov 30 – The Diel Migration and black water photography
Every night the smallest creatures migrate from the deep parts of the ocean to the surface. Now SCUBA divers are starting to dive in and take pictures of these amazing creatures.

Dec 7 - Work on sea animal art projects
Hands on project - cintinue working on our sea animals to be used during the History of Diving museum "Edge of the Sea" exhibit.

Dec 14 – Cookie throw down holiday party and art projects due
Everyone likes to decorate cookies for the Holidays. Let’s have a zoom cookie decorating contest. Your Mangrove art projects are due at this time too.
*Subject to change


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